WI are dedicated to supporting businesses in creating a strategic marketing plan for your online presence to target your goal audience by integrating technology into your business and assisting you to create equity in your business by funnelling your intellectual data into a commodity.

Our Mission

In todays world the average american spends 50 minutes per day on Facebook which has a 1.71 million active users. Only about 38% of Americans read the paper and more and more of those are moving to digital news everyday. People are more likely to ask Siri or Google a question than their neighbors, and word of mouth is not the best referral. Instead more and more consumers turn to Google or Yelp for a star rating or other people's testimonials. If I am looking for a bike shop, construction company, lawyer, restaurant, coffee shop, general store or gas station, I go straight to google and do a search in my area. I look at the ratings on Yelp and Google, I check Google maps, and their website. If I had a good experience I usualy go back after and rate them and follow their business profiles on social media to get updates on events, sales, and coupons. The fact is, that these days the average American consumer between the ages of 25-50 are on social media everyday and if you do not have a digital footprint on the web, than you are missing out on a huge percentage of your target audience. 

That is not to say that there are not many companies that are not online and have a thriving business today without any online presence at all. This does not mean that your business cannot survive without it, but it means that marketing has taken a new turn in this day and age. Businesses who wish to thrive and grow will be missing out if they don't take advantage of all it has to offer right now. Their competition may already be utilizing these forums to increase their business.  There is so much to do, and it can seem overwhleming to take it all in and figure out not only how to launch a website, and social media, marketing, but then also managing them all later and keeping them up to date. This is where WI come in. WI want to assist businesses to create a virtual presence and social media marketing campaigns that are customized for your unique targeted audiences. 


What WI do

WI believe in working with our customers to build a creative and professional website that is still manageable. WI create a business strategy with customers that allows us to see into their business and help them in areas they many have struggled with. WI can help create a strategy that rolls out a plan step by step to allow for business to grow in a way that steadily increases their business without creating bottlenecks. WI can help implement new software programs to assist with issues such as time clocks, asset tracking, inventory management solutions, bookkeeping, customer relationship tools, sales tracking management, and e-commerce. WI work on creating brand recognition for your business that will target your customers and give them access to your company with more ease than ever before at minimal cost. WI also offers training to our customers so that after we perform these services they are not creating more cost centers. WI can train you how to manage these tools yourself, help you as needed, or with a monthly maintenance plan. WI can create a marketing campaign for you and present you with analytics on your customers that will help you to market towards your current customers, and to similar verticals to target a much wider audience.



Why WI Do What WI Do

It is one thing to say that you understand small businesses, but our founder, Cindi Krug, has a unique view of what business owners go through. Her mother, father, sister, aunt and brother are all successful small business owners in the southern Vermont and New Hampshire area. After working 60 hours a week, doing paperwork, and trying to find a work/home balance, marketing and creating a website all seem like an overwhleming task and how do you know when it works? WI can help you to collect that data and show you what is working and what isn't. WI are there to assist you in any way we can to grow your business along the way and aid you through any growing pains as you go. Strategy is the name of the game in this field and rolling out your online brand is a process WI can guide you through without all the hassle of doing it all alone. WI believe in small business and will do whatever it takes to help you hit your goals. Contact us today for more information.