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"WI" at Web Innovations create a solution with you so you are never alone! WI are here for you! WI create growth for your small business with innovative strategies designed for your specific needs.




255 Westminister Rd Putney VT right next to red Ridgeview stables right past the Putney Elementary school on the left follow the signs

from 9am until 5pm 

Something for everyone! There is everything here! There are some unique, specialty items included in the sale such as a Grandfather clock that is absolutely gorgeous and dates back to the early 1900’s, an Old Town 1830 Sailboat in fantastic condition, Westminster Teak Patio Set, Art, Roland Electric Piano new, with all the books and the professional headset. These items will be sold via silent bid.


A short list of items  included in the onsite sale: John Deere X320 Riding Lawn Mower, Jackson Coose Fishing Kayak, Orvis fishing gear, all season sporting goods, furniture, clothing, Power tools, Fencing, Pots, a Husqvarna Battery Powered mower, True Industrial refrigerator, 2 Frigidaire commercial Indoor/Outdoor standing freezers, gardening & farming equipment, Iron Man inversion table, Philips 40” Flat Screen, plants, clothing, bedding, cedar chests, vintage and new photography equipment, weed wackers, leaf blowers, tools, gardening tools, soil amenities, everyday household goods, frames, and much, much, more!

Check us out at www.chasewebinnovations.com or find us on Facebook. The address of the sale will be posted on our website and on social media for Chase Web Innovations on the 28th at 5:00pm. NO SALES WILL HAPPEN PRIOR TO 9AM. All sales are final. Cash, or Credit cards accepted. The listing will grow every day, and is closed as of this time. No Pre-sales or early showings. Check out our website for pictures and details on what’s to come.



Creative Marketing

Innovative marketing customized for your ideal customer vertical by optimizing your social media and web presence. In order to place you in front of your target audience in a manner which is both initially captivating and memorable. WI are creative people with the simple goal of helping small businesses thrive in a digital world.


Intuitive Web Design

Your website should accurately portray your business to your customers, vendors, creditors, and investors in a creative, intuitive, and professional format. WI can help you create your own brand recognition and grow your business right now.




Innovative Strategies

Supporting your business through a phase-by-phase growth plan to ensure you are positioned to grow your business smoothly without creating bottlenecks or sacrificing quality for quantity. Showing you where you stand today to establish a timeline for your growth goals and exit strategy.




Real Analytics

WI collect analytics for your website and social media outlets to give a detailed view of where you currently stand and what marketing strategies will work to bring in the type or types of business you're seeking, as well the future possibilities. Intellectual data is key to being successful; WI show you how to make that data work for you.